Bed Bugs

bed bugs

Dealing with bedbugs is one of the toughest thing a home owner would ever have to do. After all, they puncture the skin (they don’t actually bite), and then suck out a blood meal.

They do not transmit disease, although they do inject proteins into the skin that in some people, cause an allergic skin reaction. For most people, the bites heal in 2 to 3 days with the most difficult symptom being itch.

All bedbugs feed on the blood of mammals (rodents, bats, dogs, cats, pets) or birds, although they prefer feeding on people. They are adept at hiding in small areas such as cracks or crevices in a bed, the bed frame, around window sills or at the baseboard of the floor.

When an infestation is first beginning, it will grow as close to the host as possible with the majority hiding in or around the bed.

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