ant control Temecula

Many species of ants live in California.

Ants get the wonderful distinction as being one of the top nuisance pests in Temecula and surrounding areas.

Ants can find their way onto and into your home or building through a variety of ways including “bridging” onto the home over plants, trees, and other objects left by and against a home or building.

Ants are social insects that create, build and expand their colonies.

Depending on the species and the maturity, an ant colony can be anywhere from several thousand ants to millions of ants.


Ant Control in Temecula

Controlling ants is a constant battle because they are constantly migrating and creating new colonies.

SW Pest Control can help keep ants out of your home or building by inspecting and providing exclusion recommendations and through effective treatment approaches that are customized to meet your needs. We help you with our ant control Temecula services.


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